We Explore Canada has a team of editors and local content creators that cover the whole country. This way we can make sure that all our Canada guides, tips, and articles are local, honest, and filled with the most up-to-date information on Canadian attractions. If you’re interested in submitting to We Explore Canada, please check out our Contact Page.

Kevin Wagar Ultimate Ontario founder

Kevin Wagar
Editor / Co-Founder

Kevin is the co-founder and editor of We Explore Canada. Along with having visited every province and territory in Canada, Kevin has spent over 6 years as a professional adventurer, travel writer, and sustainable travel advocate. Between SCUBA diving with sea lions in Argentina and spelunking in the Philippines, Kevin spends his time in his home country of Canada sharing his love of the country with others.

Christopher Mitchel Profile Shot

Christopher James Mitchell
Editor / Co-Founder

Christopher is the co-founder of We Explore Canada, as well as an editor. After travelling to over 80 countries, and living in 4, Chris realised just how incredible Canada really is (and always was). He decided that when he moved back he needed to showcase all of the amazing experiences in Canada with the world, and We Explore Canada was born.

Bri Mitchell We Explore Canada Social Media Manager

Bri Mitchell
Social Media Manager

Bri is a regular contributor and the social media manager for We Explore Canada. After years of living abroad, Bri happily returned to rediscover all there is to do and see in this beautiful country. She loves sharing all things nature, food and culture, and she runs the We Explore Canada TikTok and Instagram pages.

Christina Wagar Ultimate Ontario Finance Manager

Christina Wagar
Finance Manager

Christina is the engine that keeps the We Explore Canada team going. Her expertise in finance and the Canadian markets ensures that all of our writers get paid on-time.
Christina has gained her industry experience from six years partnering with her husband on Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel, one of the leading websites for adventurous family travel.

Hans Tammegami We Explore Canada Author

Hans Tammemagi

Hans launched his work with We Explore Canada with a series of articles that focus on the often unexplored reaches of Canada’s frontiers. His writing is eclectic including travel, environment, Indigenous culture and things quirky. He has penned 10 books including one national best seller.