The Top Things to Do in Victoria, BC: Make the Most of Your Visit to British Columbia’s Capital

Things to do in Victoria, BC

Victoria is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, but it’s also one of Canada’s most historic. BC’s capital needs to be at the top of everybody’s Canadian travel bucket-list, and that applies to both residents and tourists! We’ve honestly yet to meet a single person who has been to Victoria who hasn’t appreciated it’s unique […]

Visit The Most Haunted Places in Canada If You Dare

Haunted Places in Canada

This list of the most haunted places in Canada will send a chill down your spine and send you on ghost-hunting journeys that only the brave dare try. The scariest ghost stories are always ones that hit a little close to home. Canada has more than its share of spooky occurrences. From ghosts and ghouls […]

Croisieres AML VIP Lounge is Redefining Luxury Whale Watching Tours in Tadoussac, Quebec

Croisieres AML Luxury whale watching in Quebec

The Croisieres AML VIP Lounge experience offers a new level of comfort for whale watching tours in Tadoussac, Quebec. Each year, between May and October, the St. Lawrence River explodes with life. This magical estuary, where the waters of the Great Lakes system flush out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and, eventually, to the […]

Visiting the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria, BC: The Oldest Craft Beer Festival in Canada!

Great Canadian Beer Festival

Hans Tammemagi visited to see which Canadian breweries were in attendance at Canada’s oldest beer festival, to learn more about the famed liquid, and, of course, to sip on a few himself. A cloudless sky formed a blue roof over the Great Canadian Beer Festival, where thirsty throngs tasted more than 250 flavour-rich beers and […]

Calgary Cocktails: The Best Cocktail Bars in Calgary’s Downtown Core

Cocktail Bars in Calgary

The cocktail scene has long been a highlight of Calgary’s bustling downtown core and these downtown hot spots have taken the craft of the cocktail to the next level. We Explore Canada contributor Kayla Glynn gives us the inside scoop. There’s no shortage of ways to spend a weekend in Calgary, Alberta – the province’s […]

The Bank of Canada Museum: An Interactive, Illuminating Stop That’s Easy to Add to Any Ottawa Itinerary

The Bank of Canada Museum in Ottawa, Ontario

The Bank of Canada Museum recently underwent 4 years of renovations to ensure that a visit to this Ottawa museum is both engaging and memorable, not to mention a great stop for visitors of all ages. The Bank of Canada Museum, as you might have guessed, aims to help visitors understand what exactly the Bank […]

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta: Home to the Largest Collection of Fossils in Canada!

Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum might just be the most famous dinosaur museum on the planet, and we’re fortunate that it’s in Canada! Hans Tammemagi walks us through what you can expect from your visit, and how learning about the past might offer some insight for the present and future. After an hour of driving through […]

Things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: How To Experience One Of Canada’s Most Picturesque Towns

Things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

These exciting things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, will help you experience the birthplace of the Bluenose for yourself. With colourful buildings, an idyllic maritime atmosphere, and the joyful waft of east coast music in the air, it’s hard to imagine that Lunenburg was once a hotbed for pirates, rum runners, and gangsters. Throughout […]

Things to do in Saint John, New Brunswick: 10 Fun-Filled Experiences in the City by the Bay

Things to do in Saint John, New Brunswick

These exciting things to do in Saint John, New Brunswick, will help you plan the most incredible visit for a weekend or longer in the only city on the Bay of Fundy. As the only city that lies on the shores of the epic Bay of Fundy, Saint John, New Brunswick, is already a destination […]

Interzip Rogers: Fly From Ontario to Quebec on the World’s First Interprovincial Zip Line

Interzip Rogers

Interzip Rogers is an attraction in the National Capital Region that’s relatively new, but is poised to leave an indelible mark. Simply put, taking a zip line from Ottawa to Gatineau is truly unforgettable. The moment we heard that a zip line was in the works to connect Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec, it was […]