What To Know Before Experiencing Moncton, NB For the 2023 World Juniors

Moncton 2023 World Juniors

When we first heard that Moncton, New Brunswick, would co-host the 2023 World Juniors hockey tournament from December 26, 2022, till January 5, 2023, along with Halifax, Nova Scotia, the staff at We Explore Canada was pumped!

New Brunswick is one of the hockey capitals of Canada. Not only does the town of Plaster Rock, NB host the World Pond Hockey Championship, the largest tournament of its kind in the world, each February, but the province has produced over 50 players, including Jake Allen of the Montreal Canadians, Greg Malone, Phillipe Myer of the Nashville Predators, and Danny Grant who racked up an impressive 536 points during his career.

2023 World Juniors in Moncton, New Brunswick

2023 World Juniors in Moncton, New Brunswick
2023 World Juniors in Moncton, New Brunswick – Photo credit: Pixabay

For many people worldwide, the World Juniors hockey tournament is the perfect way to wind down the holiday season.

The tournament, which is scheduled to begin on Dec. 26, 2022, features ten teams set across two groups to determine the top national hockey team made of hockey players under the age of 20. The tournament runs until January 5, 2023, and includes teams from the following countries:

Group A – Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Czechia
  • Germany
  • Austria

Group B – Avenir Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick:

  • United States
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Latvia

The top four teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinals, which are held on January 2, 2023. The semi-finals will be on January 4, 2023, in Halifax, and the 2023 World Juniors championship will be held on January 5, 2023, in Halifax.

Getting to Halifax from Moncton

Sunset at Fisherman's Wharf, Halifax
Sunset at Fisherman’s Wharf – Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Acorn Art & Photography

Having games split between two cities in two separate Canadian provinces might seem like a challenge for hockey fans. Luckily getting between these two cities is relatively painless. So if you’d like to catch games in both the Group A and Group B divisions, you’ll likely be able to do so without too much hassle.


It’s about a two-and-a-half-hour drive between Halifax and Moncton. The roads are relatively flat and well-maintained.


The easiest way to get between Halifax and Moncton is by train. The train takes about four-and-a-half hours to travel between the cities, and a typical ticket costs between $75 and $160. It’s worth noting that the Halifax/Moncton train route only runs on Wednesdays.


There’s regular bus service between Halifax and Moncton, so if you’d like to take that route, your typical trip will take about three-and-a-half hours and cost about $40-$60.

Moncton and Hockey – A Match Made in the Maritimes

New Brunswick might be one of the hardest-hitting provinces in Canada when it comes to developing world-class hockey players. Among the many players that have hit the big time in the province is Stacy Wilson, who had a long career with the Team Canada Women’s Hockey Team, winning four world championships and even a silver medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

New Brunswick’s greatest female hockey player ever is Stacy Wilson. She had a lengthy career with Team Canada, winning four world championships and a silver medal at the 1998 Olympics.

Moncton itself is where the new coach of the Winnipeg Jets, Rick Bowness, was born. Bowness is one of just three people in NHL history to have been a head coach in five different decades. The other coaches are Scotty Bowman and Pat Quinn, both Hockey Hall of Famers. Bowness is the all-time leader in NHL games as a head coach or assistant coach at 2,562.

How To Plan Your Visit to Moncton During the 2023 World Juniors Hockey Tournament

Moncton is a fantastic city with loads to do and explore. In fact, we cover many of the best things to do in Moncton right here. But to help you wrap your head around the World Juniors festivities in the city, here’s a quick guide to help you plan.

Hit Up The Moncton Breweries

Moncton food and drink
Tide and Boar Gastropub – Photo credit: New Brunswick Tourism

Moncton is home to some of the best breweries in New Brunswick. You’re almost guaranteed to find the 2023 World Juniors hockey games on the screen when walking in the door. Make it a goal to watch each game in a different brewery!

Try out Tire Shack Brewing at 190 John Street. They have a fun, social atmosphere where the cheers of the crowd keep the energy high. PumpHouse Brewery at 131 Mill Rd. has a diverse, multi-cultural lineup crafted by a dream team of award-winning brewmasters.

Gahan House Hub City at 55 Queen St. has a great selection of hearty, winter-friendly beers that will keep you energized throughout the tournament. Tide and Boar Brewing on Main St. is a Moncton institution that not only serves up excellent craft beer but some of the best food in Moncton as well.

While you’re checking out the breweries, don’t miss Happy Brewing at 800 Main St., CAVOK at 250 Dieppe Blvd in nearby Dieppe, and Holy Whale Brewing at 8576 Main St in nearby Alma, NB.

Fuel Up At These Moncton Restaurants

Great restaurants in Moncton, New Brunswick
Great restaurants in Moncton, New Brunswick – Photo credit: Pixabay

I mentioned earlier that Tide and Board on Main St is one of the best places to eat in the city, but it can fill up fast. Osaka Hibachi at 500 Main St. is your place to go for the best Japanese cuisine in the city. If you’re looking for an all-day breakfast, you might want to check out Cafe Archibald. This locally-owned creperie features a wide range of delicious crepes served along with thin-crust pizza, gourmet sandwiches, and house-made soups.

If you’re looking for something a little higher end, make a stop at St. James Gate Restaurant. This combined restaurant and boutique hotel at 14 Church St. serves gourmet meals crafted with fresh, local ingredients, which they purchase from local farmers and purveyors. Give their deconstructed lobster ravioli and fresh oysters a try for a real treat. If you find they’re busy, they also have a location in nearby Dieppe.

Stop For A Sip at Magnetic Hill Winery

Christina Wagar at Magnetic Hill Winery
Magnetic Hill Winery – Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

Located in a formerly abandoned property from 1867 right next door to the USVA Spa, the Magnetic Hill Winery is one of the best places to visit in Moncton.

The winery is stunningly perched overlooking a vineyard near the Magnetic Hill amusement park and was lovingly restored by winery owners Jeff and Janet Everett. Today Magnetic Hill Winery hosts weddings, events, and wine tastings.

They have an excellent selection of red, white, and even dessert wines that you can purchase to take away or enjoy right on their patio overlooking the Magnetic Hill vineyard.

Take In The World’s Highest Tides at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park

Boy paddling around Hopewell Rocks
Kayaking at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park – Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

Located just 30 minutes from the city, a visit to Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park is a can’t-miss experience for those visiting the Moncton World Juniors.

Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park is among the most famous landmarks in Canada. The stunning arches offer the most dramatic place to witness the world-record tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Time your visit to watch the tide come in and nearly bury these massive rocks under an unimaginable amount of water before washing back out to the Atlantic so that visitors can walk on the sea floor.

Strap On Your Skates at the Dieppe Outdoor Skating Oval

Located in nearby Dieppe, this refrigerated skating oval offers some outdoor delights for those in Moncton for the World Juniors. The rink stretches for 140 metres and is five metres across, so there’s loads of room for the crowds. You can also enjoy skating along to popular music all day. The rink is also s lit up to extend your day on the ice into the evening.

Are You Ready To Experience The World Juniors in Moncton, New Brunswick?

The Moncton World Juniors will be a party unlike any that this city has seen before. From award-winning breweries to the world’s highest tides, you’ll have plenty of ways to spend your time between games. You can find something for everyone in this beautiful region of New Brunswick.

Many of these businesses and restaurants are anxious for visitors after a tough year. So let’s support local and make the most of your New Brunswick adventure.

Do you have a favourite attraction or restaurant in Canada? Head over to the We Explore Canada Facebook Community and join the conversation! You’ll find an amazing group of people passionate about travel in Canada who love to share their local secrets.

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