Visit The Most Haunted Places in Canada If You Dare

This list of the most haunted places in Canada will send a chill down your spine and send you on ghost-hunting journeys that only the brave dare try.

Haunted Places in Canada
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The scariest ghost stories are always ones that hit a little close to home. Canada has more than its share of spooky occurrences. From ghosts and ghouls and possessed hotels to destinations that have seen soul-bending terror, the most haunted places in Canada are a collection of horrors that only the bravest or most foolhardy dare to visit.

Every province has its own collection of haunted happenings. While we can’t list off all of the terror-inducing haunted locations in Canada, we can list off the goriest, scariest, and most frightfully fun spots throughout the country.

So read on to explore the dark underside of Canda’s shiny coat. If you dare.

These Are The Most Haunted Places In Canada

Fort Garry Hotel, Manitoba

For Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba
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The city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has some incredible attractions. The stunning Forks and Fort Whyte Alive scream Winnipeg, but the city might seem like an odd place to start a list of Canada’s most haunted places, but this city at the heart of Canada hides a terrifying secret.

The Fort Garry Hotel is a 120-year-old building in the city’s core. With a luxurious foyer and gorgeous rooms, this hotel has hosted the likes of royalty and celebrities from around the world. A few famous names who have graced its halls are Queen Elizabeth, King George VI, Liberace, Laurence Olivier, and Louis Armstrong.

Although the Fort Garry Hotel has a revolving door for the rich and famous, none of those guests dare to stay in room 202.

Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel isn’t just considered to be one of the most haunted places in Canada, it’s among the most terrifying places in the world.

The room is the site of a tragic suicide where a woman hung herself in the room’s closet after her newlywed husband was struck down by a horse-drawn carriage outside the hotel doors. The hotel has been the site of countless ghostly spectacles in the century since the incident.

Occurrences have included mysterious artifacts in photos from the hotel, views of a woman in a white nightgown floating at the end of the bed, and the horrifying sight of blood running down the room’s walls.

If you dare experience this hotel for yourself, you can book a room here. But be warned, Halloween is one of its most popular nights.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Ontario

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in Toronto, Ontario
Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

Toronto isn’t just Canada’s largest city, it’s also home to some of the country’s most haunted locations. One of those creepy spots sits on the Toronto Islands, just off the city’s Lake Ontario shores.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse was built in 1808 and is Canada’s second-oldest lighthouse. It’s also said to be haunted by one of its first lighthouse keepers in a story that dates back to 1813.

The lighthouse was a fixture of the Toronto harbour (The city was named York during that time) during the Battle of York in 1813. American ships invaded the city, burning down the Parliament Buildings. In retaliation to this attack, a British sneak attack led to the White House being burned to the ground in 1814.

Gibraltar Point’s first lighthouse keeper, J.P. Rademuller, a German immigrant, disappeared during the war. The stories surrounding his disappearance vary, but it’s believed that he was killed by two soldiers who were angry at the quality of some beer they had purchased from him.

More than two centuries after his death, the ghost of Rademuller is still said to haunt the lighthouse. There are regular reports of strange lights after dark and horrible moaning noises coming from around the landmark.

Plains of Abraham, Quebec

Plains of Abraham in Quebec City
Photo credit: Kevin Wagar

Just outside of the the historic walled city in Quebec City is the location of one of the bloodiest battles in the history of North America. In 1759, at what is now known as “Battlefields Park,” thousands of British Soldiers, led by Major General James Wolfe, clashed with thousands of French soldiers, led by Lieutenant-General the Marquis de Montcalm.

Countless soldiers were killed or injured in the horrible battle. And any place where that much loss has occurred is sure to lead to some hauntings.

In the nearly three hundred years since the battle, apparitions of dead soldiers have regularly been seen strolling and even battling on the plains, but the dastardly history doesn’t end at the battle of Abraham. In the centuries since the battle, the land was wooded and well-hidden. It gained a reputation as a place where ne’er do wells and criminals would gather. It even became a place for executions.

One of the most familiar figures seen around the Plains of Abraham is the ghost of Marie-Josephte Corriveau. This woman, popularly known as la Corriveau, was sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of her second husband. Her story has become a thing of Quebecois legend.

Her execution on April 18, 1763, was particularly gruesome. Under British law, La Corriveau was ordered hanged and her body exposed in chains. Her body was kept on display for almost a month. Some say that if you visit the park at night, you can see a ghostly figure hanging in chains.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta
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Amidst the jaw-dropping scenery of the Canadian Rockies lies one of the world’s most beautiful hotels. Fairmont Banff Springs in the snowy ski town of Banff, Alberta has been a hotbed of paranormal activity for decades.

The scenic hotel, set amidst gorgeous snow-capped mountains and overlooking the unbelievably blue waters of Lake Louise, has grown a reputation for housing the ghosts of those who have checked in to the hotel but never checked out.

The hotel was built in 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Throughout the 150 years of its existence, the hotel it has been the site of several horrifying happenings that are believed to be behind many of the ghost sightings at the hotel.

Among the darkest stories are those of a bride-to-be who tragically fell down the hotel’s dramatic marble staircase. Her ghost is said to wander the halls at night, sometimes appearing in the hotel’s honeymoon suite.

Another story revolves around Sam McAuley, one of the hotel’s head bellmen. He spent his entire adult life working at the hotel, passing away shortly after his retirement. Since his passing, the apparition of a man, in full uniform, wandering through the hotel lobby.

Interested in this spooky experience? You can book a room at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel here.

Craigdarroch Castle, British Columbia

Haunted Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC
Photo credit: Destination BC/Jordan Dyck

A majestic 25,000 square foot, 39-room mansion in Victoria, British Columbia, has been among Canada’s most haunted places since it was built in 1890.

Craigdarroch Castle is among the most popular tourist spots in Victoria. Among the grand halls and richly adorned rooms, visitors have reported the sounds of pianos wafting through the great room and the hallways. The house doesn’t have a piano. There have also been sightings of a mysterious woman in white gazing out the windows of the castle.

The tragic history of Craigdarroch Castle dates back to before its completion. Built by millionaire coal baron Robert Dunsmuir, a Scottish immigrant for his wife Joan, the castle was designed to be a status symbol for the city. But Dunsmuir wouldn’t live to see his dream completed. He died 17 months before construction was finished.

Joan and Robert’s ten surviving children were involved in constant battles for control of the property. Amongst the infighting, the property was the place of regular supernatural occurrences, including a child crying and specters of a small child and that of Joan Dunsmuir herself.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ontario

Chateau Laurier Haunted Locations in Canada
Photo credit: Pixabay

Like their Banff Springs property, luxury hotel brand Fairmont is host to another of Canada’s most haunted properties.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario, was commissioned by Business Tycoon Charles Melville in 1912. Melville went down with the S.S. Titanic on its tragic journey from Southampton, England, just twelve days before the hotel’s completion. He never laid eyes on his masterpiece. Since his demise, Hays’ spirit has been said to roam the rooms, halls, and ballrooms of the grand hotel.

The hotel recently celebrated its 110th birthday. In the past century, its seen its fair share of tragedy’s. And there have been many supernatural sightings related to them. Some of these include the sighting of a small child roaming the halls, voices singing, unseen hands brushing against people, and even doors opening and closing on their own.

If you’d like to experience these happenings for yourself, you can book a room at the Chateau Laurier here.

Baie des Chaleurs, New Brunswick

Fireship in Baie des Chaleurs New Brunswick
Photo credit: Pixabay

Not all of Canada’s haunted locations are in buildings. Some of the spookiest occurrences have occurred outside.

That’s the case with the Fireship on Baie des Chaleurs in Bathurst, New Brunswick. It’s said that the ship belonged to a Portuguese captain whose brother, another boat captain, had been killed by members of the Mi’kmaq nation for trying to capture Indigenous Peoples for the slave trade. When the brother arrived, his ship was set ablaze. As the sailors dove into the icy waters, they swore to haunt the bay for 1,000 years.

Since then, locals have reported a flaming ship sailing the bay during the full moon. The ship is usually seen on the north side of Heron Island. Some people have even said that sailors, some on fire, and some with terrible burns, have appeared on the shoreline.

King’s Playhouse, Prince Edward Island

Kings Playhouse Prince Edward Island
Photo credit: Kings Playhouse

Not all spirits are dark and ominous. King’s Playhouse theatre in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, has been home to a well-intentioned ghost whose been dubbed “Captain George.” This friendly spirit has been embraced by the staff at the theatre. Captain George is so beloved that a permanent chair is reserved for him in the front row of every performance.

The ghost makes itself known in many ways. Some are gentle, like doors opening and closing and lights flashing. But others are a little more intimate. Captain George has been known to grab people’s hands at performances and was once believed to have crashed a wedding.

Firkins House, Alberta

Firkins House in Fort Edmonton Park
Photo credit: Fort Edmonton Park

Firkins House is a serene home located in Fort Edmonton Park in Alberta. The stories behind the hauntings in Firkins House are unclear, but for those who have stayed here, there’s no doubt as to the supernatural presence.

In fact, it’s believed that there isn’t just one ghost in Firkins House. There have been three distinct presences reported. These hauntings include a sickly boy whose apparition is sometimes seen in windows or at the top of the stairs. A floating woman in a white dress also appears in bedrooms and sometimes in the kitchen.

The third and most terrifying possession involves a ventriloquist’s dummy. This horrifying spectre materializes inside cupboards around the house and has even been seen moving on its own. You can discover this and more among the best things to do in Edmonton, Alberta.

Government House, Saskatchewan

Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Considered one of Canada’s most notorious haunted spots, the stately Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan, is one of the town’s top places for ghost tours.

The stately manor was built in 1891 and was the estate of the Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories and then transferred to the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. The house is said to have been the site of countless seance rituals guided by the Brown siblings, who used to work at the house in the early 20th Century.

Since then, the house has been haunted by the cook of Archibald Peter McNab, who was Saskatchewan’s lieutenant governor from 1936-1945. The ghost, dubbed “Howie,” is the source of ghostly footsteps, the opening and closing of doors, and even objects moving on their own.

Have You Visited Any Haunted Places in Canada?

If you love spooks and ghouls, there are plenty of supernatural spots in Canada to explore. Make sure you bring a friend; you won’t want to be alone in these places.

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