Discover Newfoundland & Labrador

Canada’s easternmost province has been made famous by its infinite vistas, towering mountains, and fascinating history as the location of the first European Viking settlements in the New World.

But there is much more to this Maritime province than what you’ve read in the guide books. Newfoundland has built a reputation as one of the friendliest provinces in the country.

The warm, fun-loving, and welcoming locals showcase stunning creativity, eccentric styles, a unique dialect, and one of the world’s best storytelling cultures.

From the Viking settlements in l’Anse Aux Meadows through the colourful fishing villages that make up Iceberg Alley, all the way to the magnificent seafood and pub culture of the capital of St. Johns, travel in Newfoundland & Labrador displays one of the most unique and under-appreciated destinations in Canada.

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