Things to do in Regina, Saskatchewan to Experience the Capital of the Canadian Prairies

These fun and exciting things to do in Regina, Saskatchewan, will help you plan an exciting visit to the capital of Saskatchewan.

Things to do in Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

These fun and exciting things to do in Regina, Saskatchewan, will help you plan an exciting visit to the capital of Saskatchewan.

In 1883, when the very first house was erected in, what is now, Regina, Saskatchewan, I can’t image the locals thinking that they were standing in the future capital of the Canadian Prairies. But here we are, 150 years later, and Regina is now a bustling city of over 225,000 residents.

The capital of Canada’s province of Saskatchewan is centred by Wascana Lake, and many of the top things to do in Regina sit around that area. Regina boasts loads of green space, in fact, Wascana Centre is three times bigger than New York’s Central Park and two and a half times bigger than Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

Throughout the city, visitors will also uncover amazing walking trails, excellent restaurants and breweries, and a vast trail system that helps locals and visitors alike explore the city and surrounding area year-round.

A Little About Regina, Saskatchewan

Downtown Regina Saskatchewan
Downtown Regina – Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Regina was named after Queen Victoria, the British monarch who reigned during the city’s inception. It was her daughter, Princesse Louise, who suggested the name, which is a nickname they used to refer to the Queen.

Regina may be the capital of Saskatchewan, but it’s not the province’s largest city. That honour goes to the city of Saskatoon, which sits farther north and supplies the province’s massive mining industry. But the city does sit on Canada’s Trans-Canada Highway, making it a key stop for those making a cross-Canada road trip.

In the past few decades, a huge amount of work has gone into redeveloping the city’s downtown core. New festivals, parks, and attractions have launched in the city, and Regina is quickly becoming known for its eclectic food and friendly culture.

Combine this urban beauty with the epic grasslands of the Canadian prairies that surrounds Regina, and you’re left with one of the most beautiful regions in Central Canada. You can dive deeper into that beauty with a trip south to Grasslands Provincial Park near the US border.

The Best Things To Do In Regina, Saskatchewan

Wascana Park

Wascana Park in Regina Saskatchewan
Wascana Park – Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

The Wascana Centre and Wascana Lake are at the heart of many of the best things to do in Regina. To say that the city was “built around” Wascana Lake would be a bit of an understatement. This massive park and the central complex area hold some of the most important places to visit in the city, including the Provincial legislative building, the University of Regina, the First Nations University of Canada, the Conservatory, the Science Centre, Mackenzie Art Gallery and the Centre of the Arts.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for things to do in Regina, you WILL end up at the Wascana Centre at some point. It’s truly the heart of the attractions in the city.

Apart from the general beauty of the park, you can also rent kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards to explore Wascana Lake and even enjoy a ferry boat tour.

Regina Farmer’s Market

At We Explore Canada, we love diving into the local culture at farmer’s markets across the country. And whether you’re in Saskatoon or Regina, Saskatchewan has some of the best farmer’s markets around.

Stroll on over to City Square Plaza and wander the aisles of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, local handicrafts, and freshly baked goods. During the summers, the market runs outdoors, and during the winter, they move to an indoor space. You can check their website to see what their current vendors are.

Explore Regina’s Thriving Craft Brewery Scene

Craft breweries in Regina Saskatchewan
Craft breweries in Regina, Saskatchewan – Photo credit: Pixabay

The craft brewery experience is alive and well in Regina. And exploring the city’s incredible beer scene is among the top things to do in Regina. is packed with some extremely capable breweries crafting unique, delicious, and fun-to-drink craft beer. You’ll a wide variety of fascinating flavours, small-batch brews, and even unique ciders.

The unique name of Pile of Bones Brewery on Cameron St. harkens back to the early days of Regina. Back in the late 1800s, the landscape of, what is now, the city was marked by massive piles of bison bones. The location, near a creek, had been a stopping point for buffalo hunters and had gotten its name from remains left at the site.

Pile of Bones Brewery honours that heritage through a collection of high-quality specialty beers brewed in small batches with specially-picked ingredients.

Bushwakker Brewing on Dewdney St. isn’t just one of the best breweries in Regina. It’s one of the city’s hottest hangouts. Along with a great selection of year-round brews and over 25 seasonal brews, they also serve up some great food, including burgers, jambalaya, and pizza. This award-winning Regina brewery shouldn’t be missed.

Also on Dewdney St, in Regina’s Warehouse District, Rebellion Brewing is a popular micro-brewery with a focus on crafting unique craft beers. They have an endlessly rotating list of seasonal releases with fascinating flavours such as Cucumber Jasmine, Watermelon, and Hemp.

It’s not all funky brews, though. Rebellion also has a great year-round selection of more traditional beers as well. Their beer can be found outside of the tap room as well in liquor stores and several pubs and restaurants across the city.

Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Building

Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Builting
Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Building – Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Constructed between 1908 and 1912, the Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Building makes for one of the best places to visit in Regina for architecture buffs. It was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada back in 2004 and regularly draws crowds for tours.

It’s not just the building itself that makes the Legislative Building a great place to visit. The grounds are also spectacular. There are free tours offered daily. These 30-minute guided events take you through the building and offer great insight into the government of Saskatchewan and the history of the province.

MacKenzie Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts won’t want to miss the MacKenzie Art Gallery. Located within the Wascana Centre, the Regina art gallery boasts eight rooms featuring nearly 4,000 unique works of art from across Canada and worldwide. There’s a special focus on art from western Canada.

Along with the art displays, the MacKenzie gallery also features a 185-seat theatre, a gift shop, and an educational centre.

The MacKenzie Gallery has a proud history of representing Aboriginal artists, both local and abroad. You’ll find wonderful examples of Indigenous artwork, masks, paintings, and sculptures.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum – Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum invites visitors to an exploration of Saskatchewan and the world at large. The museum, which was established in 1906, is packed with natural, cultural, and human history dating back to prehistoric times.

You’ll want to give yourself a couple of hours to explore the Royal Saskatchewan Museum thoroughly. It’s not a huge museum, but there are a lot of fascinating displays. Among some of the best are those on the local wildlife as well as details about the history and modern life of First Nation’s Peoples living in Central Canada.

For dinosaur lovers, you won’t want to miss the museum’s signature display. The epic skeleton or “Scotty,” the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever discovered.

Saskatchewan Science Centre

Science centre’s across Canada are always exciting to visit. The engaging exhibits and fun-focused approach to learning have been a part of our journey’s throughout the country from Fredericton to Victoria. Regina has its own fantastic science museum as well, and it should be on your list of things to do in the city.

Like many science centres across Canada, the Saskatchewan Science Centre definitely leans towards the “family-friendly” side, but it’s honestly fun for all ages. Visitors can dive into the province’s agricultural industry, practice their slap shots with hockey drills, and even get physical with the “Gyro Gym,” a human-powered gyroscope.

For some added fun, catch a movie in Saskatchewan’s only IMAX theatre. Their showings change regularly, and you can see what’s playing now on their website.

RCMP Heritage Centre

RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan
RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina – Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been a staple of the Canadian identity since the birth of the country. The country’s national police force handles national policing as well as law enforcement in Canada’s most remote regions.

It’s not widely known, but all of Canada’s RCMP officers are trained right here in Regina. Visitors to the RCMP Heritage Centre don’t just get a chance to learn about this world-renowned police force; they can even visit the training grounds and experience a fabulous sunset ceremony.

The Heritage Centre itself offers various exhibits outlining the history of the RCMP, along with artifacts from the organization’s history. And with fun, interactive experiences such as the “solve a crime” room, the RCMP Heritage Centre is a fun experience for all ages.

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

There’s a strong sports heritage in Saskatchewan. From the Regina Red Sox to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, sports are never far from the action in Regina. The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of fame celebrates this heritage and the important sporting teams and events that have helped shape the province.

You’ll find information on the Olympic athletes, Roughriders football players, and even world-record holders from the province all nicely displayed throughout the attractive heritage building. You can check out their website for special exhibits here.

Regina Floral Conservatory

The Regina Floral Conservatory is a stunning indoor garden where guests can experience a vast array of tropical and seasonal blooms. Even in the deepest of winter, the experience at this botanical garden offers warm weather, great scents, and a lush, peaceful paradise.

Stroll among the greenery and exotic flowers while listening to the sounds of waterfalls or bathing in the tropical aromas.

Now It’s Time to Experience These Things To Do In Regina, Saskatchewan For Yourself

There are more things to do in Regina, Saskatchewan, than meets the eye. From lake-side walks and fabulous breweries to the great theatre and cultural attractions, you can find something for everyone in this beautiful region of Saskatchewan.

Many of these businesses and restaurants are anxious for visitors after a tough year. So let’s support local and make the most of your Saskatoon adventure.

Do you have a favourite attraction or restaurant in Canada? Head over to the We Explore Canada Facebook Community and join the conversation! You’ll find an amazing group of people passionate about travel in Canada who love to share their local secrets.

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