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British Columbia is where the towering Rocky Mountains come to a sudden halt near the shores of the crashing waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Filled with some of Canada’s most famous wine regions, world-class skiing, and some of the oldest examples of Indigenous history in Canada, British Columbia is a deep in culture as it is in beauty.

The Top Things to Do in Steveston, British Columbia: A Fishing Village With Many Stories to Tell

Masts at Sunset in the Steveston Historic Fishing Village.

Steveston, British Columbia is much more than just a cute and photogenic fishing village. It has a rich, important history that visitors would be wise to dive into when they’re visiting. In this article, Hans Tammemagi tells you the story of this village, and lets you know how you can access it on your own […]

Visiting the Malahat Skywalk: See Vancouver Island From a Different Perspective

The Malahak Skywalk

A 600 metre elevated walkway through a west coast forest of Arbutus and Douglas Firs, and then ascension of a 10-story spiral tower to take in the stunning 360-degree view of islands, fjords, forests and mountains. Who wouldn’t want that?! We Explore Contributor Ron Pradinuk walks us through how to get the most of our […]

The Best Things to Do in Tofino, British Columbia: From Wild Nature to Wondrous Cuisine

Things to Do in Tofino

Tofino is a town of a few thousand people located on beautiful Vancouver Island. It attracts people from around the world because of its pristine nature, and opportunities for outdoor adventure – but not enough people know about its remarkable culinary scene. In this article, Hans Tammemagi walks us through all sides of Tofino. Tofino, […]

Haida Gwaii: A Mist-enshrouded Showcase of Haida Culture 

Loo Taas (Wave Eater) by Bill Reid

Haida Gwaii, which literally translates to “Islands of the Haida People,” is an archipelago located off the northern Pacific coast of Canada. It’s a place that’s immensely rich in culture, and spending time here allows visitors to tap into a history and way of life that’s filled to the brim with valuable lessons and insight. […]

An Adventurer’s Guide to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia

Sunset on Salt Spring Island in BC

Salt Spring Island, so named for salt springs in the northern part of the island, is one of the Gulf Islands, located between the Strait of Georgia and the mainland of BC. Local expert Hans Tammemagi lets us know how we can embrace “the extremes” of the island, and all that aboard his trusty 50 […]

Awesome Things To Do In Vancouver: How To Experience One of Canada’s Most Vibrant Cities

Best things to do in Vancouver, BC

Explore one of the most vibrant cities in Canada with these awesome things to do in Vancouver, British, Columbia. Whether your passions lie in food, culture, or the outdoors, Vancouver, British Columbia is a destination that is hard not to fall in love with. Vancouver seems to have it all. Oceans, mountains a diverse and […]

The Top Things to Do in Squamish, BC for Outdoor Adventure Lovers

Squamish, BC

Squamish, BC is often considered the outdoor adventure headquarters of Canada. Hans Tammemagi walks us through exactly why that is, and how to make the most of your visit! A giant rock, called the Stawamus Chief, towers over Squamish, dominating and massive. Standing 700 metres high at the southern entrance to the town on the scenic […]

The Golden Larches of the Kootenays: A Brief Three Week Window to Take in Pure Magic

Golden Larches, BC

British Columbia is known worldwide for its towering trees, but there’s something special about the larches. Their golden hue, their brief time horizon, and their connection to local indigenous culture. Hans Tammemogi was there with his notebook and camera to capture the magic. Larch trees are magical, behaving strangely while creating unbelievable beauty. Entire slopes […]

The Ultimate List of Things to Do in Whistler, British Columbia: How to Explore Whistler in All Seasons


A lot of people only think about Whistler in winter, but We Explore Canada contributor Jennie Flaming wants to remind us that Whistler is very much a year-round destination, and that when it comes down to it, anytime is a great time to visit Whistler. When most people think of Whistler, they think of downhill […]

The Top Things to Do in Victoria, BC: Make the Most of Your Visit to British Columbia’s Capital

Things to do in Victoria, BC

Victoria is one of Canada’s most beautiful and historic cities. These things to do in Victoria, BC need to be at the top of everybody’s Canadian travel bucket-list, and that applies to both residents and tourists! We’ve honestly yet to meet a single person who has been to Victoria who hasn’t appreciated its unique vibe […]